Fill your tank with our Energy Program.


Energy markets are a compelling component that beg inclusion to your overall portfolio.  Energy has become a necessary component for an improved, complete, and diversified portfolio.  Wholly unique in the commodities trading sector, Crude Oil, RBOB Gasoline Low Sulfur Diesel and Natural Gas are the focus of the Mobius Energy Program.  Our primary goal is to provide a consistent rate of return trading exclusively in the energy sector while expertly managing risk.

With a track record now over twelve years in the making, the Mobius Energy Program offers an opportunity to portfolio managers seeking diversification into one of the most dynamic sectors of futures trading.  No longer a typical investment environment, the future may be dominated by a disjointed marketplace, defined by crisis after crisis.  Tactical traders and flexible programs will be a must.  The Mobius Energy Program provides both.

The Mobius Asset Management Energy Trading Program is technical and systematic, blending multiple systems over multiple time frames.  These systems enlist both long term and short term methodologies covering Trend and Counter Trent strategies.  Trading decisions are driven by a proprietary multi-system approach that seeks to capture changes in short term and long term price momentum.  A strict money management discipline limits initial risk and manages ongoing risk.  Each commodity traded has specific entry and exit points along with stop levels for existing positions that are updated daily.


Commodities traded include: crude oil, brent crude, low sulfur diesel, RBOB gasoline, natural gas, treasury notes, and gold.

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