The Mobius Asset Management MCR Trading Program is a discretionary trading program, based on both systematic trading models and fundamental analysis. It’s key to enforce discipline and consistency. The primary objective of the trading program is to detect early trend development and to be positioned in the direction of the market. Market entry and exit signals are activated by a specific set of proprietary trading rules based on daily market data. The program is designed to exit losses quickly while allowing profits to accrue.

The trading program was developed with a minimum investment of $150,000 in order to allow investors the opportunity to invest in a professional and disciplined non-traditional trading approach. Additional funds can be added in $150,000 increments. The commodities traded include future contracts including, financials, metals, grains, energies, livestock and softs. The trading manager views risk management as important as returns. In order to prescribe to the main parameters of the trading program the trading manager will continuously monitor the portfolio on a daily basis. Specific modeling tools will be enforced in order to minimize risk.