Mobius Asset Management, Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona was formed in 1997 by principals John R McLane and Howell S. Wynne.

Mobius Asset Management, Inc. is an investment management firm that serves the needs of a wide range of clients, both retail and institutional. Our mission is dedicated to the task of delivering consistent risk adjusted returns Mobius Asset Management, Inc. employs technical, systematic and discretionary investment strategies to the two trading programs currently offered.




It’s important to have a trading philosophy.  It’s even more important to stick with it and allow it to guide each and every decision made.  Our programs are steered by five principles:

  • Protect capital – Risk management is paramount.
  • Be flexible – Multi-system, multi-time frames
  • Diversification – Portfolio construction
  • Liquidity – No lock up period. Client capital can be retruend on one day notice.