Fill your tank with our Energy Program.   Energy markets are a compelling component that beg inclusion to your overall portfolio.  Energy has become a necessary component for an improved, complete, and diversified portfolio.  Wholly unique in the commodities trading sector, Crude Oil, RBOB Gasoline Low Sulfur Diesel and Natural Gas are the focus of the Mobius Energy Program.  Our primary goal is...
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Team Bios

John R. McLane   John R. McLane is president and a principal of Mobius Asset Management, Inc., a Commodity Trading Advisor in Scottsdale, Arizona. John graduated from Xavier University in 1974 having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. In 1977 he joined Merrill Lynch in Rochester, New York as a futures specialist. Over the course of the next eighteen years John was...
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Mobius Asset Management, Inc. based in Phoenix, Arizona was formed in 1997 by principals John R McLane and Howell S. Wynne. Mobius Asset Management, Inc. is an investment management firm that serves the needs of a wide range of clients, both retail and institutional. Our mission is dedicated to the task of delivering consistent risk adjusted returns Mobius Asset Management, Inc. employs...
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