The Mobius Asset Management X-Ceed Program selects and trades from a list of over 25 major commodities and futures contracts including financial, metals, softs, grains and energies. Trades are selected by the manager based on his experience. Usually no more than 10 different commodities will be traded at a time. Trading decisions are a combination of technical indicators, various time periods, money management principles and the overall experience of the manager.

John McLane views risk management as important as returns. In order to maintain appropriate levels of risk and account volatility, the trading manager monitors the portfolio continuously throughout the course of each trading day. There is an attempt to anticipate sources of risk for each commodity and trade. Specific modeling tools are adapted to minimize risk and there are stop losses on every trade. Various profit objectives are used, depending on the commodity and the market in general. The trade itself is not necessarily so important, but making money is basic and the predominant goal.Accounts are offered and traded in $150,000 units. Currently all trading is on a single contract basis per unit.